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Easy Windows Programming only $49.95!

Take control - Liberty BASIC gives you what you need to create your own custom computer applications, games, and utilities.  Your computer will do what you want it to do.

Give yourself an edge - Everybody knows how to use a computer.  Don't settle for this.  You can understand computers and the Internet and how they work.  Learning to program with Liberty BASIC gives you the edge!

It's easy and fun - Programming is an enjoyable hobby and can give you a sense of great accomplishment!  Liberty BASIC has a huge, vibrant online community!  Enjoy puzzles and solving problems?  Liberty BASIC is for you!

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What our users are saying about Liberty BASIC...

I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve!
-R. Bird

There were no gotchas, oop's, crashes or any other problems!  I'm hooked!!! Thank you!
-E. Edwards

The thing I love most about Liberty BASIC is that it is cared about.
-Jack from UK

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