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Liberty BASIC v4.5.0 Instant Purchase
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Liberty BASIC

  Liberty BASIC Pro

  Downloadable software and registration code

  Learn quickly with our interactive tutorial  
  Printable PDF documentation  
  Create standalone programs  
  Liberty BASIC on CDROM + free shipping ** **  
  Project management    
  Source code versioning    
  Automatic code formatter    
Performance profiler

Aug 15, 2015 - Liberty BASIC Pro is still at v4.04.  In a few weeks we will release the Pro 4.5.0 version.  This will be a free upgrade if you purchase the Pro version today.
  Application deployment

**Optional CDROM +$10 when ordering


Upgrade to Liberty BASIC Pro v4.04
If you have a Liberty BASIC license you can upgrade to the Pro version  for just $59.95.

Upgrade to v4.5.0
Do you have a SILVER license or an older version of Liberty BASIC?  You can upgrade to v4.5.0 for just $19.95.  With this upgrade you will be able to create standalone applications that you can give away or sell!  We provide you with a special upgrade code to use with your existing code.