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Download Liberty BASIC

You don't have to worry about your trial period running out!  Liberty BASIC is not time limited shareware!  Take as long as you need to evaluate the software.

Download Liberty BASIC v3.01 Trial (only $39.95 to register)
This version of Liberty BASIC is fully 32-bit and runs under Win 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP.
Download from
Download from
Trouble downloading?  Try downloading from our FTP site

Download Liberty BASIC v2.02 Trial (only $24.95 to register)
This is a 16-bit Windows application.  It works on all versions of Windows but is best suited to Win 3.x/95/98/ME.
Get Liberty BASIC v2.02 for Windows self extracting (about 1.7MB)
Get Liberty BASIC v2.02 for Windows zip archive (about 1.6MB)
Trouble downloading?  Try Simtel's distribution site near you!

Or if you use OS/2... (this version is old, but free)
Get Liberty BASIC v0.91 beta for OS/2 (about 1MB)