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Shoptalk Systems has been in the business of producing friendly, practical and fun programming software since 1992!

Way back when Microsoft introduced Windows, they decided not to produce a version of their free QBasic for it.  Seeing an opportunity, we wrote our own version of BASIC for Windows.  We named it Liberty BASIC thinking it was the perfect name for a programming language anyone could use.

Ever since we've been carefully growing Liberty BASIC, adding more and more power, but taking great care to keep it simple.  It is our ambition to be the people's BASIC language.  We have a strong appreciation and understanding for what a hobbyist's programming language should be... useful and fun!  We bring more than 31 years programming expertise to accomplish this goal!

We're sure you'll enjoy using Liberty BASIC as much as we do!

Thank you!

- - Carl Gundel, President of Shoptalk Systems





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