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Liberty BASIC v4.5.1 Pro

How would you like to...

  • Easily keep multiple versions of source code for all your programs?
  • Compare differences between different versions using a color coded viewer?
  • Easily merge someone else's work with your own?
  • Specify the files and folders you need for your application and then deploy it with just a keystroke?
  • Discover the places where your programs spend their time executing so that you can speed them up?
  • Automatically format your source code with just a keystroke?

Liberty BASIC Pro adds all these capabilities onto Liberty BASIC without complicating the user interface so you won't need to relearn what you already know.  LB Pro comes with a tutorial reference that will walk you through its features, and in no time at all you'll be experiencing enhanced productivity!  All this for just $119.95 or just $59.95 to upgrade from any version of Liberty BASIC.  These kinds of tools are usually much more complicated and more expensive.

Here are some screenshots of Liberty BASIC Pro in action.

Projects - You can now create a project for each Liberty BASIC program you create.  Note: You can still write software the old way using just *.BAS files if you like but you lose the capabilities shown below in these screenshots (except for the code formatter which works on any *.BAS file).

Versions - You can create new versions of your programs.

Here you see how we can browse and open different versions of your projects.

Not only can you create a string of consecutive versions, you can actually create subversions (called branches) of your source code.  These are helpful when trying to maintain different versions of a program.

Color coded source differencing - Now it is easy to see how something has changed from one version to another.  This makes it really easy to spot what has caused that elusive bug that wasn't there yesterday.  In this shot, the blue and red colors indicate code that is on one side and not on the other.

Performance Profiling - If you've ever found that your program runs too slowly, it can be helpful to know exactly where the performance is being lost.  Guessing can lead to time wasted by trying to speed up code that isn't slow.  LB Pro includes a performance profiler in the debugger.  It works by counting the number of milliseconds consumed by each line of code as the program runs.

In the illustration below, on the left are the totals in milliseconds for execution time of a profiled program.  Now you won't need to guess where time is being spent!

Code Coverage - Another really useful feature of the profiler is that code that isn't executed at all won't have profiling numbers, so you can run your application in the profiler and exercise all the functionality.  Then look in the profiler to see if there is unused code.

Application Deployment - LB Pro provides an easy way to compile your program and deploy it along with any resource files it may need, all in one action.  Here is the Resources dialog which allows you to specify where the application will be deployed, a custom icon that will be installed, and the resources needed for a distributable application and any other files you may require for your application.

Source Code Formatting - Sometimes when working hard on coding it can be easy to neglect keeping code formatted nicely, and this can make the code hard to read and create opportunities for mistakes.  Also, when trying to read someone else's code it would help if it were formatted clearly.  LB Pro provides an automatic code formatter to turn this:

into this!

So if you have Liberty BASIC, what are you waiting for?!  Upgrading to LB Pro costs just $59.95 and with our risk-free 90 day satisfaction guarantee we've taken all the risk out of the equation.

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