Information for teachers
Liberty BASIC in Education

Liberty Basic is a popular choice in schools, and getting more popular all the time!  Liberty BASIC is a solid language for the educational sector.  It includes support for structured programming techniques, and the language is close enough to traditional BASIC languages so that adapting your favorite programming course will be a simple matter!

Self Instruction - Individuals looking to learn programming can join our online classroom.  Learn more.

School licensing - Liberty BASIC has special educational pricing!

For K-12 sites, only one license per class group is needed.  This means for example that if you teach three groups of 30 students, you need only 3 licenses.  Even if your computer lab has dozens of computers you can install Liberty BASIC on every single one!

For colleges and other adult educational institutions, we have special discount pricing.  Email us for a quote.

Teachers have several good choices for instructional materials: