Information for teachers

Liberty BASIC is a terrific way to play, and to create your own games.  This area on our site is here to showcase games written in Liberty BASIC.  We'll show a screenshot, and make the programming code available too so you can learn how to make your own!  You need to download and install Liberty BASIC to play with these games.

Meteor Attack by Alyce Watson! - Shoot down the advancing meteors!  Download now!



Blackjack Card Game by Alyce Watson - Play the classic game of 21!  Download now!



Liberty BASIC Fireworks by Tom Nally! - Check out this cool simulator that lets you adjust the fireworks.  Try adding your own effects!  Includes sound effects.  Download now!


Alvin Elf by David Drake - A cute Christmas game.  Help Alvin distribute gifts for Santa without dropping them.  Download now!


Breakout by David Drake - A version of the classic game.  Download now!



More to come!

If you have a game you would like to share, please send an email.  We will only consider submissions which include source code!