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Master your computer!  Liberty BASIC puts YOU in control!

"Liberty BASIC brings Windows programming to everyone!  Move over Visual Basic!" -- Greg Perry, author of the bestselling book "QBasic by Example"

Give yourself an edge - More than ever you need to understand computers and the Internet and how they work.  Learning to program is the way to go!  Liberty BASIC is a gentle introduction that can help you on your way to expertise!

Solve your software problems - Liberty BASIC gives you what you need to craft your own custom computer programs.

Sharpen your thinking - Learning to program is a fun way to expand your mind!

Have fun! - Programming is an enjoyable hobby!  Like video games?  You can write your own!  Enjoy puzzles and solving problems?  Liberty BASIC is for you!

It's easy!  - Our trial version is a free download and less than 2 megabytes!  Click here to download your copy now!

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