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What's Wrong With Programming Today?

It's too complicated - What ever happened to simplicity?  Most programming software resembles the cockpit of a commercial jet plane, with a confusing collection of features that almost nobody needs.  Not Liberty BASIC!  For 14 years we've been working hard to make programming as simple as possible.  We ruthlessly emphasize keeping it simple and easy so you can get a lot done with less work.  You'll enjoy programming more! 

It's too expensive - Programming language software can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but Liberty BASIC costs less than many video games.  Tech support is free, and access to our online classroom is included in the purchase making this great deal even better.  Keep more of your hard-earned money!

It's not approachable - Most programming languages don't come with good documentation so you need to buy extra books to learn them.  With Liberty BASIC's special tutorial you can be writing your first program in minutes.  Also, our online community is one of the best and friendliest you'll ever meet, and has thousands of helpful members.  You spend more time doing things you enjoy, not banging your head in frustration.

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What people are saying about Liberty BASIC...

I am amazed at what I have been able to achieve!
-R. Bird

There were no gotchas, oop's, crashes or any other problems!  I'm hooked!!! Thank you!
-E. Edwards

The thing I love most about Liberty BASIC is that it is cared about.
-Jack from UK

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