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Do you need a programming language for Windows that is useful, easy to learn and dare we say fun to use?  Liberty BASIC is designed to give you all of this and more!

Are you new to programming?  Do you already know BASIC?  Want to create Windows software?  Liberty BASIC is a power tool for your computer!  Who says so?

  • Wallace Wang, author of  many computer books (including several for Visual Basic) rewrote his popular book "Beginning Programming for Dummies" to teach Liberty BASIC!
  • Greg Perry, author of the international bestseller "QBasic by Example" rewrote his book "Sams Teach Yourself Beginning Programming in 24 Hours" to teach Liberty BASIC.

There's no mystery why Liberty BASIC is found on more computers all over the world with features like these...

  • Easy BASIC language - write a one line program!
  • Runs on all versions of Windows
  • Includes a special interactive tutorial
  • Comes with tons of instructive example code
  • Terrific online community is fun and helpful
  • Includes a visual tool for drawing GUIs
  • Multimedia features including sound graphics, and animation
  • Easy to use debugging tools
  • User functions and subs with scoped variables
  • Supports serial communications and hardware port I/O
  • Make API calls and use DLLS

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