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Liberty BASIC Word of Mouth Contest!

Do you know others who would benefit from Liberty BASIC?  Would you like to win a free Liberty BASIC v4.5.1 registration code?  Here's your chance!

  • Contact us as and tell us you want to participate in the contest.
  • Tell as many people as you can about Liberty BASIC, especially anyone you think will appreciate knowing about Liberty BASIC.
  • Encourage them to visit our website and email us at
  • If five of your friends email us to tell us what they think and mention that you referred them, you will win a free registration code!

Let the contest begin!

This offer is good until October 31, 2018 

Wondering what to tell your friends?  Here's a short notice you can customize or use it as it is!

Hey friend's name!

I came across this fun and useful programming language called Liberty BASIC and they're having a referral contest to spread the word.  I thought of you because I know you like this sort of thing and I figured you might be interested in the contest too.  To get this software for free, the makers of Liberty BASIC are asking that I have at least five friends email them and mention me (the one who referred you) and the contest.  That's all!  Take a look at their website at and see what you think.  The contest details are here: